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How to take a great photo of your dog – and share with us on Facebook! Trying to get a good photo of your dog can feel like trying to catch the perfect wave. You try to seize the moment, but your dog jumps out of frame the minute you snap. Fortunately, creating a keepsake

Holidays are best when the whole family can get together and enjoy the trip, but what about those members of the family who walk on all fours and are covered with fur? You may have considered taking your furry bundle of joy away with you on holidays. But have you put much thought into the

Teaching your dog some tricks is fun and great way to build the bond between the two of you. Some tricks also improve your dog’s musculoskeletal wellbeing by stretching muscles and increasing flexibility. Here are two easy tricks you can teach your dog today. Bow Why teach your dog to bow? A bow is a

  Koala breeding season is upon us, and when these randy creatures get their groove things on, they may take a moonlight stroll through your backyard. In other words, it’s a good time to review koala/dog diplomacy. There are many steps you can take to make sure dogs and koalas don’t have unwanted encounters, according

After adoption, Jack the Greyhound finds time for zoomies, snoozies and hugs Jack the Greyhound zooms around his yard in Wynnum West as if he’s always had a happy home. The sun bounces off his sleek black coat as he races around for a few minutes, pausing occasionally to nudge one of his stuffed animals.

Places to grab pancakes – and more! Dogs are naturally caffeinated. They bound with energy. Many humans, however, need a good cuppa Joe and a hearty brekkie to fuel their days. Fortunately, Brisbane and its suburbs are bursting with cafes eager to cater to you and your pup. At Todd & Pup in Moorooka, you

  Many dogs enjoy catching a wave as much as their people do. Here are a few tips for a happy canine surfin’ safari: Some dogs, especially those with lighter skin, are vulnerable to sunburn. Consider buying dog-specific sun protection. Keep your dog away from dead fish. Ingesting them can make dogs sick. Then, pick

Spot the Dog Walker brings you the 2014 Christmas Gift Guide. Whether you’re shopping for the person who has everything, a domestic goddess, exercise junkie or teenager, we have them covered with a range of creative suggestions to pop under the tree this holiday season. Merry Christmas to our wonderful two and four-legged clients!

Waking up to a big sloppy kiss from a pet is a great way to start the day but sometimes doggy breath can leave you gasping for air. Parsley and mint are natural, dog-friendly breath freshening herbs.. We’ve picked some of our favourite recipes for home-made treats that will keep your four legged friend minty

It’s not often, dare I suggest never, that our domestic pets invite the local native animals round for tea and biscuits, or conversely, that the hand of friendship is extended from the native animals to our pets.  Possibly, it may be because the native animals are alert to the boisterous, energetic disposition of our dogs