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  Many dogs enjoy catching a wave as much as their people do. Here are a few tips for a happy canine surfin’ safari: Some dogs, especially those with lighter skin, are vulnerable to sunburn. Consider buying dog-specific sun protection. Keep your dog away from dead fish. Ingesting them can make dogs sick. Then, pick

Spot the Dog Walker brings you the 2014 Christmas Gift Guide. Whether you’re shopping for the person who has everything, a domestic goddess, exercise junkie or teenager, we have them covered with a range of creative suggestions to pop under the tree this holiday season. Merry Christmas to our wonderful two and four-legged clients!

Waking up to a big sloppy kiss from a pet is a great way to start the day but sometimes doggy breath can leave you gasping for air. Parsley and mint are natural, dog-friendly breath freshening herbs.. We’ve picked some of our favourite recipes for home-made treats that will keep your four legged friend minty

It’s not often, dare I suggest never, that our domestic pets invite the local native animals round for tea and biscuits, or conversely, that the hand of friendship is extended from the native animals to our pets.  Possibly, it may be because the native animals are alert to the boisterous, energetic disposition of our dogs

As summer approaches, we’re all looking forward to spending more time with our dogs outside of the house. The team has compiled a list of fun things to do with your best friend during the sunny seasons. Discover Brisbane’s dog friendly cafes, theatres, activities, expos and parks for the best doggie dates ever!

By Anne-Marie George To the uninitiated an agility course seems a rather peculiar addition to an inner city dog park and yet here it is, dockside at Hamilton’s Hercules St Park.  Stretching 2, 030 square metres the park incorporates a variety of challenging apparatus into ample green space, ensuring every hairy visitor has an engaging

By Anne-Marie George It’s not everyday that you get to spend the day attending, stroking, cuddling and training a variety of beautiful pets but that’s exactly the opportunity one has at the Animal Welfare League’s (AWL) various school holiday programs. The 1st of July is the centre’s Animal Antics Activities Day. From 9.30am – 2.30pm

By Anne-Marie George Have you ever wonder what it would feel like to have a German Shepherd latched to your forearm? I suspect it might be a bit heavy and you may feel a little pressure around the area where the jaw fixes to the protective sleeve, not really the most comfortable of experiences but

By Anne-Marie George Loss is like a deep and oozing gash.  The initial injury is acute, requiring focused attention and many resources, but even after time and with significant healing the scar is forever visible and tender when touched.  In the past year I have experienced the pain of losing two hairy, sometimes smelly and

Imagine if we believed every look expressed on the face of a dog.  I suspect we’d all be a in a lot of strife.  Dogs are overt when communicating their needs and are unswervingly committed to getting those needs met.  There are few more important needs then exercise and social contact but unfortunately, these two