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A python was spotted at a Lota park recently, a reminder that Australia’s diverse ecosystem can endanger our pets. Knowing how to protect your dog from snakes can save both of you a lot of pain and avoid a hefty vet bill. Although snakes move about more in warmer months, you need to remain vigilant

Tangled or matted dog fur is not only unsightly, it can cause serious health problems, including infections. A little diligence can help you head off matts, or at least prevent them from damaging your dog’s health. Start by teaching your dog to enjoy grooming. This will be easiest with a puppy, but you may be

A dog fight often shocks the owner. Suddenly, the pet who is so sweet and loving at home is all tooth and claw. The best way to respond to a dog fight is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Socialising your puppy to other dogs at parks or on walks can help

Human foods that make healthy dog treats Saying no to a begging dog just isn’t possible for many of us — those slobbering lips, those eyes! If you can’t say no, go ahead and share. Just put the food in your dog’s bowl, unless you want your pet staring you down at every meal, and

Whether your dog’s ears are silky soft, perky, slightly askew or possibly even all three, they need at least occasional attention from you. Not all dogs need their ears cleaned but you should take a look now and then to make sure gunk, or worse, is not building up inside. If you’re lucky, you will

  When you open presents, does your dog watch eagerly, hoping there’s a little something in the package for her? Does her bark start to sound like “Jingle Bells” as December approaches? Ok, maybe the answer on that last one is no. And maybe your dog doesn’t really understand the concept of gifts, but it’s

It’s the rare dog that never grosses an owner out. From occasional accidents, to illness and toys marinated in drool and dusted in dirt, our canine companions often leave us wrinkling our noses. Fear, not dear pet owner! Spot brings you this handy guide to keeping your home clean even if you share it with

Thinking about adopting? Here are a few pointers… Adopting a dog can be a great way to find your new canine companion. Spot asked Peninsula Animal Aid in Redcliffe, which aims to find new homes for hundreds of cats and dogs every year, about what to think about when considering adopting. Here is what they

  Feeding your dog is like brushing your teeth – one of those mindless tasks to which we give little thought. But veterinarians say that you should match the frequency and method of feeding to your pet’s needs. Be sure to ask your pet’s doctor what will work best. Plenty of dogs will get the

You may need a bath or shower every day, but your dog doesn’t. Even so, dogs do need a good scrub every now and then. Here are a few pointers to making bath time easier for you and your pet: Start by asking your vet or breeder how often your dog needs a bath. Most