Give A Bored Dog A New Leash of Life!

Does your dog chew, scratch or dig around the home? Whine, bark, or act manic?

“Difficult” dogs are often just very bored …

We often say that dogs are just like humans. In some important respects they are: they are social, intelligent, curious and industrious. Without a chance to develop these qualities, behaviour can become problematic – just like with some children.

Even more than with humans, one of the best ways to alleviate this behaviour is to exercise.

A Well-Exercised Dog Will:

– Be healthier in general
– Learn to be more social
– Have a well-stimulated mind
– Be lest restless and behave better at home

All It Takes…

You needn’t run a half-marathon together. All it takes to get the health benefits is a brisk, 30-minute walk everyday with adequate time for sniffs, recreation and toilet (your dog, not you!)

Short bursts of energy with regular stops are best – time off the leash and games of “fetch” are always appreciated. They also love socialising with other friendly dogs if possible.

A Few Precautions:

– Only exercise in temperatures below 27C – early morning or late afternoon is good as dogs cannot regulate their body temperature as well as humans, and can get heat exhaustion
– Avoid walking on hot surfaces – dog can get blisters
– Limit play and exercise time as over-exertion can end up injuring your pet – keep throws low and use a lead that fits properly around the shoulders

Rather than your “problem pet” becoming the neighbourhood’s public enemy number one, making sure your dog gets a daily walk will ensure you are the star in everybody’s eyes – most importantly your dog’s!