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Fleas Part 2 – TreatmentTreatment for your pet There are numerous products on the market including tablets, topicals and spray formulations to kill all stages of the flea life cycle. In my area (Northern Rivers, NSW) the product we are having the most success with is called Comfortis. It is a palatable monthly tablet, given to your dog with
Fleas Part 1 – The FactsHas your loved one ever had a problem with fleas? The trouble with FLEAS – Part 1 Facts The most common flea on your dog and cat is actually the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis. One adult female flea can lay 50 eggs a day and survive for over 3 months. That’s over 4,000 eggs…from one
The Importance of ExerciseThe Importance of Exercise (Part 1) – Over indulge over Christmas?? Chances are we all have and unfortunately our pets tend to be over indulged too with lots of juicy leftovers and off cuts from the numerous BBQs and roast dinners. So, now is the time to make that New Year’s resolution for your pet.
Puppies as a Present?Puppies as a Present? Its that time of year again when we are all searching for something lovely for our friends and family for Christmas. What would make a more lovely gift for our kids or niece or nephew than a puppy or young dog!! Puppies and young dogs are beautiful little things and a
Scratching and Skin DiseaseScratching and Skin Disease – It is that time of year unfortunately, i.e. spring and summer when dogs often start to scratch continuously. They rub their tummies, heads, tails …anything really, along the grass to try and relieve their discomfort and/or start licking and chewing at their feet and tail base. If you have a
The Paralysis Tick (Part 2)Removing paralysis ticks from your pet – If you find a tick – Remove It. There are a number of ways to remove ticks – some people prefer to apply a topical insecticide to kill the tick first. In general I prefer to get them out as quick as possible. Grasp the tick with a
The Paralysis Tick Identification (Part 1)Identification – In Northern NSW we have had some beautiful, warm, sunny, late winter days accompanied by a cooling breeze that just makes you want to be outside soaking up the lovely weather. Unfortunately though, we are not the only ones who love the change in climate and that wretched little tyrant…the paralysis tick (Ixodes
Cane Toad ToxicityDo you worry about cane toads and your dog’s safety? Unfortunately Cane Toads are very common in coastal areas of Australia and are an all too familiar visitor to our backyards. Problems arise when our pets think that playing with them will be fun and this can have fatal consequences. Cane Toads secrete a milky
ParvovirusParvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease affecting young dogs that causes vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, lethargy and death. In the last two years in Northern NSW and surrounding districts outbreaks have led to the deaths of a large number of young dogs. This disease is PREVENTABLE and these deaths could have been greatly reduced, if
Dental DiseaseDental disease has been linked to heart disease and kidney disease as well as causing ongoing pain and discomfort in our pets. Tartar, plaque, gingivitis and bad breath are all factors commonly seen in dogs and cats with dental disease. The reasons for poor dental health are varied but include poor diet (particularly those that