From Alaska to Australia, sled dogs keep running

The legendary Iditarod sled dog race kicked off in Alaska March 3, which got us wondering whether anyone races sled dogs in sunny Australia. Turns out the answer is yes.

Victoria’s Mount Buller is sled dog headquarters, featuring races amid the snowy mountain slopes. About 30 teams are expected to compete in a new race there July 28-29, the Mt. Buller Sled Dog Quest. The race builds on the success of Australian Sled Dog Tours, which takes guests on trails around the ski area. Everyone who takes the tour gets to meet the dogs and learn about the tradition and history of sled dog racing in Australia.

Many of the racing dogs are adopted from shelters. They end up there because if Huskies and other sledding breeds don’t get enough exercise, they grow frustrated and can be destructive. Racing allows them to do what they were made for — run.


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