Cane Toad Toxicity

Do you worry about cane toads and your dog’s safety?

  1. Unfortunately Cane Toads are very common in coastal areas of Australia and are an all too familiar visitor to our backyards.
  2. Problems arise when our pets think that playing with them will be fun and this can have fatal consequences.
  3. Cane Toads secrete a milky white toxin, Bufotoxin, from their skin and glands which after contact and absorption by your pet – usually via a tongue or mouth, causes many symptoms.
  4. Initially your dog may show profuse salivation (drooling) and pawing/rubbing at their mouth, followed by vomiting, excessive panting and increased anxiety. Some dogs will then collapse, be unable to stand, start seizuring, have trouble breathing and some may suffer fatal heart problems.
  5. Treatment if found early, involves trying to rinse your dogs mouth with water from front to back or wipe out with a wet cloth to remove as much of the toxin as possible without the dog swallowing any. Some dogs however, will be badly affected and need to be taken to a vet as soon as possible. If concerned ALWAYS take your pet to a vet, cane toad toxicity can lead to death.