Be Careful: Poison in parks for dogs

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would try to poison a dog, but that is exactly what has been reported in several Brisbane neighbourhoods. Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the city would place hidden cameras at public dog parks in response to concerns about poisoning.

More than a dozen incidents, including eight dog deaths, have been reported in Newstead, New Farm and Teneriffe in recent weeks, according to The Brisbane Times. Police and government officials are asking residents to report suspicious activity in any of the city’s 135 off-leash parks.

One way to prevent your dog from being victimised is to keep your eye on her at all times so that you can stop her if she tries to eat something off the ground. People who are trying to hurt dogs may put poison in meat or cover it with peanut butter. 

If you suspect your pet has eaten poison, take him to the nearest vet immediately. Do not wait for symptoms to appear because some antidotes must be administered quickly to work. 

Finally, consider buying pet insurance, which can help you cover the costs of any emergency.