Fleas Part 2 – Treatment

Treatment for your pet

  1. There are numerous products on the market including tablets, topicals and spray formulations to kill all stages of the flea life cycle. In my area (Northern Rivers, NSW) the product we are having the most success with is called Comfortis. It is a palatable monthly tablet, given to your dog with a full meal. Ask your local veterinarian for more details on which products are working best in your region.
  2. You must treat ALL in contact pets to achieve the best results with any product, this includes the cat!

Treatment for your environment – in most cases fleas persist due to poor environmental control – remember 95% of the population lives in your pets environment. Here are a few tips that may help.

  1. Vaccuum the whole house and move all furniture, then set off flea ‘aerosol’ bombs in affected areas. These are available from most supermarkets. Be sure to remove all pets (including the fish) and your family from the house and follow directions on the product.
  2. Remove and wash all bedding regularly (in hot water >60C) and dry in full sun) and try to avoid using flooring and/or kennels with cracks and crevices such as wooden slats or matting that may shelter eggs, larvae and pupae.
  3. Fence off areas such as under the house or in the garden that provide warm, humid (particularly dirt) environments for fleas to survive in.
  4. Minimise your pets access to carpeted areas and lounges while trying to control flea infestation.
  5. Call in a registered Pest Control/Exterminator to help clean up your environment.