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Homemade Liver Treats

Posted on 02 August 2013

What a talented bunch of Walkers we have! Check out this homemade recipe for yummy Liver Treats for your pooch. A big thank you to Jenny from Brighton for sharing this!

Homemade Liver Treats
500g – 1 kilo fresh liver (beef, lamb “fry”, ox).  Sliced approx ½ to 1cm thick (butcher will slice for you).
Lay flat on a dinner plate or other microwave safe plate/tray.
Cook in your microwave a couple of minutes each side – depending on your microwaves wattage.  For example mine is  800W so I cook 3-4 mins each side.  With a 1000W try at 2 mins.
They should be flexible when handling, like bought treats but a ¼ of the price, very healthy and with no added salt and fat.
Cool and cut into thin long strips, using kitchen scissors for this is handy.
Store up to two weeks in the fridge or 4 months in the freezer.
Note:  when freezing you don’t need to wrap.  Just place directly into a container (I use an old ice-cream tub) and they will not stick together.
Your dogs will love them! Guaranteed!
Notes: I had to ring around a couple of my local  butchers to find one that will sell you fresh liver.  A lot of butchers only sell frozen as liver is an offal product and only lasts 2-3 days fresh, as opposed to meat which is 7 days.  So ensure you cook the liver promptly when you purchase.

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