Some healthy dog treats

Human foods that make healthy dog treats

Saying no to a begging dog just isn’t possible for many of us — those slobbering lips, those eyes! If you can’t say no, go ahead and share. Just put the food in your dog’s bowl, unless you want your pet staring you down at every meal, and be aware of what dogs can safely enjoy and what will make them sick.

Let’s start with the foods that could send your dog to the vet. You probably already know chocolate is a bad idea, but onions, grapes, raisins and avocado also can sicken our furry friends.

When you serve human food to dogs, leave it unflavoured because some seasonings can contain ingredients, such as onions or salt, that pups should either not eat or consume only in small quantities.

Dogs are carnivores, but many of them love vegetables. We knew one rascal who stole carrots from a vegetable truck and another who waited longingly whenever her owner chopped asparagus. Veggies are especially good options for dogs prone to weight gain. You can offer them carrots, green beans, broccoli and asparagus, but you may want to steam them a bit first if raw portions cause gas or otherwise upset his stomach. Dogs also enjoy pumpkin and butternut squash. Oatmeal and fish such as salmon will also leave your pet begging for more and help meet nutritional needs.

Start slowly by offering your dog small portions of a new food so you can learn what they like and reduce the risk of a bad reaction.

For a deeper dive into what dogs can and can’t eat, check out this list.