Brisbane North

Name: Janelle
Location: Bracken Ridge

I am a proud owner of a beautiful girl Husky! Who is part of my little family. She loves her walks so we walk her as much as possible. I know you may not be able to get the time to walk your puppy/dog so let me spend that time with them. I can walk all dogs big or small.. I can't wait to hear from you :)
Name: Sharon
Location: Carseldine

Hobbies: Walking by the water with my family. I have a true love for animals and adore the relationship you can develop with them. I love the outdoors, meeting new people and their pets, and most of all helping them to stay fit, healthy and happy.
Name: Melissa
Location: Carseldine

Hiking, yoga, my veggie garden and my family, including my very sweet dog and old but patient cat, all bring a smile to my face daily. I especially love dogs for their fun personalities and the unconditional love they have for us. It would be my absolute pleasure to be part of your dog's world to keep him happy, healthy and well exercised.
Name: Casey
Location: Everton Hills

A priority of mine is to allow dogs the opportunity to have mental stimulation and adequate exercise, as well as let their noses do some exploring too! I look forward to building strong bonds and exploring with furry family members of any size and shape!
Name: Nathan
Location: Everton Hills

Hobbies: I am a keen fisherman a dog breeder and I love to swim for fitness. I look forward to meeting your best friend soon!
Name: Samantha
Location: Geebung

I am a devoted animal mother to two Guinea Pigs; birds and I have had many dogs growing up. Professionally, I am a graduate of a Bachelor in Science and volunteer caring for wildlife through Wildcare. My passion in life is to care for animals and educate people on the importance of caring for our household pets and localising ecosystems. I can’t wait to meet your beloved animals!
Name: Lea
Location: Griffin

I love all sorts of animals, but my favourites are dogs! I love to take long hikes with my dog or go to the beach. I have moved here from Denmark last year. I think walking dogs is a great way to start the day, so walking dogs was a great job for me!
Name: Melinda
Location: Kings Beach

Hobbies: love animals; they are my favourite subjects to draw as an artist. I also love the outdoors and can usually be found rock climbing, hiking, paddle boarding or roller blading; so combining the two is a dream come true!
Name: Caitlin
Location: Mango Hill

I’m a huge lover of any animals big or small but especially dogs, I own a Labrador and three cats’, and they are my babies. I would treat your animal as if they were my own, give them cuddles and walkies when they need! I would the opportunity to meet your fur babies!
Name: Lisa
Location: McDowall

Hobbies: Camping by the beach. I was previously an Occupational Therapist before teaming up with my sister to create Spot The Dog Walker. I am loving being able to create great jobs for people, provide play and cuddles for your pets when you can’t be there and being able to contribute to seeing more dogs exercised.
Name: Sam
Location: Newmarket

I am an experienced dog walker, having walked my two dogs twice a day for the past three years. I have a good understanding of what is involved in being responsible for walking a dog. This includes the correct way to use a leash, the importance of never taking them off leash unless it is in a designated off-leash area, the importance of always carrying and using doggy bags and disposing of them appropriately and the need to always be mindful of other dogs and people, as the dogs may react unpredictably and some people are scared of dogs. I hope that I will be able to help you take care of your dog(s) and help them stay happy and healthy.
Name: Kim
Location: Northgate

I absolutely adore animals of all shapes and sizes. I have two beautiful maltese doggies and a ragdoll kitten of my own, if I could have more I would. Our fur babies are so important to us and I like to make sure I look after your precious babies as if they were my own. I love getting in a pat and a cuddle whenever possible.
Name: Brittni
Location: North Lakes

I've always been a dog lover. If there's a dog at my friends house I'll be sure to greet the dog and give them cuddles. My hobbies include reading, Pilates, and teaching kids acting. Working/walking with dogs is another great thing I've found that I enjoy doing. Making animals happy and comfortable is very fulfilling and I love hanging out with dogs whenever I can!
Name: Christy
Location: Nundah

I'm drawn to dogs wherever I go and love to give them pats when possible. Growing up with German Shepherds, I have a soft spot for the gentle giants. On walks I like to allow time for exploring and feeding their curious minds. I can't wait to meet your fluffy family member!
Name: Niamh
Location: Stafford

I have loved every kind of animal since I can remember. I have experience with many working dogs as well as domestic. I am so grateful to be trusted with your beautiful pets and will do everything I can think of to make sure your pet has a safe and fun time with me on our walks. I am also currently studying an animal husbandry course with a module on dog psychology and training and feel very comfortable around all kinds of dogs in all kinds of environments.
Name: Stephanie
Location: Stafford

I’m a lifelong lover of animals big and small. I even work as a veterinary nurse and still can’t seem to get enough of our furry companions. Can’t wait to meet all the dogs in the world, one day at a time.
Name: Stephen
Location: The Gap

I have been walking dogs for six years and enjoy working for Spot the Dog.
It is a very healthy job where you get plenty of exercise and the opportunity to experience many varieties of breeds.
Also, you meet plenty of people and share your time with them and give feedback in respect of their dogs.
Name: Heather
Location: The Gap

Hobbies: I love spending time bushwalking with my daughters and our collie Cindy. I also enjoy reading, cooking and gardening when time allows. I look forward to spending time with your beautiful dogs and will care for them as if they were my own.
Name: Catherine
Location: The Gap

My favourite past times are watching movies, spending time in the garden and having some good ol' cuddle time with my fur babies. I have a red kelpie and 2 black cats who I adore. I believe our pets deserve only the best and I can't wait to meet yours

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