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  Feeding your dog is like brushing your teeth – one of those mindless tasks to which we give little thought. But veterinarians say that you should match the frequency and method of feeding to your pet’s needs. Be sure to ask your pet’s doctor what will work best. Plenty of dogs will get the

You may need a bath or shower every day, but your dog doesn’t. Even so, dogs do need a good scrub every now and then. Here are a few pointers to making bath time easier for you and your pet: Start by asking your vet or breeder how often your dog needs a bath. Most

With it lush shaded paths and coastal views, Sydney is a walker’s paradise. But some spots are better for your dog than others, so check out our list of best places to walk your pooch in Australia’s largest city: Rowland Reserve – We start with the Rowland Reserve because it has everything for both you and

Your dog may enjoy chomping on your furniture, shoes or children’s toys, but we’re guessing you don’t enjoy this canine habit. To stop your dog from gnawing away at your belongings, you first need to understand why your dog is chewing, said Maddie Ross, who runs Beacon Dog Training on the Gold Coast. Many dogs

In Melbourne, you never know when the sun will burst forth and make for the perfect time to walk your dog. That’s why it pays to be prepared. With Spot’s handy list, you will never be short of ideas for great locations where your dog can roam and sniff to its heart’s (and nose’s) content.

  Walking your dog should be a pleasant stroll, not an epic game of tug-of-war. But most dogs need a little training to be good walking companions. With a little work, you can teach your dog to walk beside you, or at least not to drag you down the footpath. Start by making sure you

The legendary Iditarod sled dog race kicked off in Alaska March 3, which got us wondering whether anyone races sled dogs in sunny Australia. Turns out the answer is yes. Victoria’s Mount Buller is sled dog headquarters, featuring races amid the snowy mountain slopes. About 30 teams are expected to compete in a new race

Let’s talk about poop. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that your dog might eat. If one of those things is poop, you may be reassured to know that your dog is not alone and that scientists have recently come up with new answers about why some canine companions indulge

Walking is good exercise whether you have two legs or four. But you wouldn’t be happy to trot around your backyard, and dogs aren’t, either, veterinarians say. Dogs are tens of thousands of times as sensitive to smell as humans are, so a long, sniffy walk stimulates their brains, gives them opportunities to socialize with

How to take a great photo of your dog – and share with us on Facebook! Trying to get a good photo of your dog can feel like trying to catch the perfect wave. You try to seize the moment, but your dog jumps out of frame the minute you snap. Fortunately, creating a keepsake